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Setrab Fan Kit for Series 1 Cooler

Setrab Fan Kit for Series 1 Cooler

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Setrab offers a wide variety of Oil Coolers in multiple configurations. Some series have fewer, and other series have more rows and are up to the owner of the vehicle to best narrow down the cooler for your application. There are 1-Series (up to 72 Rows), 6-Series (up to 60 Rows), and 9-Series (up to 48 Rows) options currently available. The ProLine STD is the is the mid-most size, offering solutions for high-performance and high vehicle power output demand and can be mounted anywhere space permits. There are a line of Fan Kits produced for certain part #'s from the same series. This is a complete Fan Kit for a Series 1, 19 Row cooler. Comes with all necessary mounting hardware. Oil cooler is sold separately. Fan Kit Setrab

Dimensions :

  • A: 6.5 in
  • B: 5.75 in
  • C: 4.80 in
  • D: 7.48 in
  • E: 8.27 in


  • Rated for 100 - 150 HP
  • 0.2 qt internal volume
  • Weighs 3.55 lbs
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