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Setrab 72-Row Series 1 Oil Cooler 2 with M22 Ports

Setrab 72-Row Series 1 Oil Cooler 2 with M22 Ports

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Setrab is known in the racing industry for having the most versatile, compact, and high performing oil coolers available on the market. Each aluminum constructed cooler is brazed shut by computer technology to withstand up to 145 PSI (10 bar) maximum operating pressure. This is a universal fit cooler which can be mounted anywhere space permits, out of the way of rotating parts and preferably somewhere to minimize vibration. As well as having multiple adapters available for a wide variety of fittings, the of this cooler is layered with a black epoxy to help withstand minimal vibration and road debris.

This version is the Setrab 1-Series cooler with 72 rows. Setrab also offers a wide variety of oil coolers in others sizes and configurations. Some series have fewer, and other series have more rows and are up to the owner of the vehicle to best narrow down the cooler for your application. The ProLine STD is the is the mid-most size, offering solutions for high-performance and high vehicle power output demand and can be mounted anywhere space permits. There are 1-Series (up to 72 Rows), 6-Series (up to 60 Rows), and 9-Series (up to 48 Rows) options currently available.

Setrab ProLine
Setrab dimensions

Dimensions :

  • A: 6.42 in
  • B: 22.13 in
  • C: 4.80 in
  • D: 7.48 in
  • E: 8.27 in


  • Rated for 600+ HP
  • 0.95 qt internal volume
  • Weighs 5.3 lbs

Setrab oil cooler size chart

Setrab oil cooler size chart
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