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Nuke Performance

Nuke Performance Oil Catch Can - 0.75 Liter Capacity

Nuke Performance Oil Catch Can - 0.75 Liter Capacity

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Nuke Performance universal 0,75 liter Oil Catch Can with its canister in real lightweight carbon.

Universal Dual inlet Catch Can with internal baffling and with a unique 300 micron filtered outlet port. Now equipped with dual AN-10 ORB inlets for easy adaptation and installation. Dual filtration breather for competition, motorsports, and tuning usage for any kind of vehicle that is in need of a crankcase gas catch can. Can be used for both atmospheric and recirculating setups.

 Aluminum Oil Catch Can
 Made in Sweden
 300-micron filter and stainless steel internal baffling
 Now with AN-10 ORB, for the highest possible flow

 Atmospheric and recirculating installation This Oil Catch Can 0.75 liters uses AN-10 ORB threads, both for the dual inlet and for the single outlet. This gives you a wide range of fittings and applications. For atmospheric setup, you use the included aluminum trumpet for a clean look and high functionality.

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