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LPS CCF V3 Collector Cutting Vice Tool

LPS CCF V3 Collector Cutting Vice Tool

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The LPS CCF V3 is the only currently available solution for cutting merge collector parts for one-off or production collectors using only your horizontal band saw! This is the product that launched LPSFAB! This new version has angle adjustments from 0-35 degrees in 2.5 degree increments instead of 5 degrees, as well as rotation plates with marks in 5 degree increments for 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 2" pipe! The CCF V3 also has over 1/4" lower vertical profile for more space in smaller saws, has 1/4" taller and stronger jaws for a better grip on tubes and pipes, and has all important parts of the vice made from steel for a lifetime of use! Also included is a rotation stop for production runs!

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