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Krabifab Transverse 24v VR6 Intake Manifold

Krabifab Transverse 24v VR6 Intake Manifold

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Krabifab Transverse 24v VR6  Intake Manifold

Custom built aluminum intake manifold for 2.8L and 3.2L 24v VR6 engines. Custom built specifically for transverse VR6 VW and Audi vehicles. Also available with optional Bosch Motorsport DBW 82mm throttle body flange. 

Intake Manifolds start at €1000.00 each. Shipping will range between €120.00-€140.00. Additional exchange conversion fees, import duties and taxes will apply. 

*Please Note*

Krabifab is located in Estonia. Manifolds are made to order and have an estimated current lead time of 4-6 weeks and are subject to change. Pricing will fluctuate due to the Euro exchange rate and a second invoice will be sent for these charges as well as import duties and taxes to complete the order. 

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