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Garrett GTX3076R Gen II Turbo Assembly Kit T3 / V-Band 0.63 A/R

Garrett GTX3076R Gen II Turbo Assembly Kit T3 / V-Band 0.63 A/R

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Horsepower: 400 - 750

Displacement: 1.8L - 3.0L

Garrett Motion is excited to introduce the GTX3076R GEN II Turbocharger. The GTX GEN II is the next evolution of our GTX line with major updates and new technology. Updates include a compressor wheel aero update that gives it the ability to produce up to 20% more horsepower than the previous version.

The GEN II GTX Series Turbochargers feature a fully-machined compressor inlet, fully-machined compressor outlet, and fully-machined ported shroud for precise and accurate tolerances.

The new compressor housings are equipped with a fully machined speed sensor port that accepts the Garrett Motion speed sensor (Sold separately). This feature allows tuners to understand existing operating conditions, which is important when fine-tuning a turbocharger to its most efficient operating conditions. The speed sensor port comes plugged from the factory and can be removed using a 5mm Allen key when ready to install a speed sensor kit.

All GEN II GTX series turbochargers are compatible with all existing GT and GTX turbine housings kits. GEN II turbochargers are only offered through Garrett Motion authorized distribution centers.

Reference Data

  • Compressor
    • Inducer 58mm
    • Exducer 76mm
    • Trim 58
    • A/R 0.60
  • Turbine
    • Inducer 60mm
    • Exducer 55mm
    • Trim 84
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