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Clutch Masters

Clutch Masters Audi VR6 Longitudinal Swap - Clutch & Flywheel Kits

Clutch Masters Audi VR6 Longitudinal Swap - Clutch & Flywheel Kits

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Clutch Masters Audi VR6 Longitudinal Swap - Clutch & Steel Flywheel Kits

9T Performance is proud to introduce the Clutch Masters Audi VR6 Longitudinal Swap specific steel flywheel and clutch kits. This flywheel can be used in conjunction with a few different OEM and Clutch Masters clutches as outlined below to mount the VR6 engine longitudinally in a variety of Audi chassis. This flywheel is made specifically for use with adapting the VR6 engine to Audi manual transmissions found in the B5, B6, and B7 chassis including the 01E, 02X, and 0A3 transmissions. 

Please contact us directly for specific clutch and flywheel combinations to meet your application's requirements. These Flywheels are custom and made to order. Estimated lead times range from 1-2 weeks. 

Applicable Clutches:

  • Audi 2.7t 240mm Clutches
  • Audi B7 S4/RS4 240mm Clutches
  • Clutch Masters CM725/FX725 Clutches (Street - 600 ft/lbs & Race - 700 ft/lbs)
  • Clutch Masters CM850/FX850 Clutches (Street - 600 ft/lbs & Race - 800 ft/lbs)


  • Billet Steel Flywheel - 23 lbs
  • Flywheels include ARP Flywheel bolts - Torque to 70 ft/lbs with Blue Locktite
  • Clutches and clutch/flywheel kits include all hardware, new Clutch Masters Pilot bearing, and alignment tool for installation.

Audi Longitudinal VR6 Swap Components

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