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Nuke Performance

Nuke Performance Adjustable Aluminum AN Wrench AN-4 to AN-16

Nuke Performance Adjustable Aluminum AN Wrench AN-4 to AN-16

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The Nuke Performance Adjustable Aluminum AN Wrench AN-4 to AN-16

Nuke Performances adjustable AN wrench is a handy and invaluable help when installing all types of connectors and hose ends.

With this handy adjustable wrench, you get double the surface contact in comparison to a regular AN wrench or a traditional adjustable steel wrench.


  • Fits all AN-4 to AN-16 fittings and hose ends
  • Safe for anodized hose ends, does not scratch your fittings
  • V-Shaped grip area, double the grip
  • One single tool = Ten sizes in one


Nuke Performance offers a wide range of fittings, hose ends, and couplings for oil, water, and fuel. With the unique shape, you grip the fitting on four sides instead of the traditional two and gives you an optimal grip when assembling your fuel fittings and hose ends.


The aluminum wrench is safe to use with anodizes fittings

Using a wrench made out of aluminum, instead of steel, is safe to use with the anodized finish of your fittings and hose ends, you do not need to worry about scratching your fuel system components. This adjustable aluminum AN wrench is adjustable for fittings between AN-4 and AN-16 and works perfect on both the socket and the nut and offers a simple but effective laser engraved size guide for both dimensions.


An invaluable range of accessories for your fuel system assembly

When assembling your aftermarket fuel system, make sure you use our selection of tools special for assembling your fittings and hose ends. We offer a range of wrenches, vise jaws, and accessories

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