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iABED Industries - Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit

iABED Industries - Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit

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iABED Industries - Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit

This Setrab & Mocal oil cooler kit upgrade is the perfect addition to keep your vehicles oil temps in check. This kit is universal, but has been assembled specifically to work with your iABED Industries Oil filter Housing or Oil Feed Plate upgrades on your VR6 engines.

This kit includes:

  • Qty - 1: Setrab 19 Row Oil Cooler
  • Qty - 3: 90° -10 AN Fittings
  • Qty - 1: 120° -10 AN Fitting
  • Qty - 2: M22 to -10 AN ORB Fittings
  • 10 ft: -10 AN Black Braided Nylon Hose

The Mocal Sandwich Plate is needed for installation on most iABED Industries products and is available as an option. The addition of the Mocal Sandwich Plate also includes Qty-2: -10 AN ORB Fittings for Installation. 

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