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iABED Industries Audi VR6 Longitudinal Engine Swap Mount Kit

iABED Industries Audi VR6 Longitudinal Engine Swap Mount Kit

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VR6 Engine Style
Oil Cooling Options
Include Oil Cooler Kit - $425

iABED Industries - Audi 12v & 24v VR6 Longitudinal Engine Swap Mount Kit

The Audi B5/B6/B7 engine mount kit is the high quality and precision machined solution you need for installing your VR6 engine in to your Audi longitudinal swap.

The kit features a custom fabricated and powder coated mount bracket set along with an engine specific oil feed plate for longitudinal swaps. The machined oil feed plate allows for easier access to the oil filter for serviceability and also includes additional ports for oil system accessories - Turbo Oil Feed, Oil Temp/Pressure Sensor, etc. These mounts will place 12v and 24v VR6 engines in the "stock" position requiring no drivetrain movement or shortening. 

An optional Oil Cooler Kit is needed for feed plates with the integrated thermostat and are available as an option to keep oil temps in optimal operating range on and off track. These kits feature a Setrab 19-row Oil Cooler, 10' of -10AN Line, and all fittings needed for hassle free installation. 

A 719/30 Oil filter is also required for this kit and is available.

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