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CSF BMW B58 High Performance Heat Exchanger - Raw Finish

CSF BMW B58 High Performance Heat Exchanger - Raw Finish

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CSF Heat Exchangers are made from military grade aluminum to surpass any other cooler on the market for quality and durability. Each cooler undergoes the most testing we've ever seen, with everything from burst pressure to wind tunnel testing, CSF demands the most out of their coolers to ensure they are the best performing and highest quality cooler you can buy. Each exchanger is designed to have drop in fitment, and require no modifications for installation. CSF even ensures their packaging is the best. Each package is built to withstand a 10 foot drop to make sure that when you get your heat exchanger, it's flawless.

CSF Heat Exchangers Feature:
  • Stepped core design for maximum surface area contact and internal intake air-flow volume.
  • Largest “drop-in fit” intercooler available in the industry.
  • Designed with 3D scanning / rapid prototype technology to ensure precise fitment and maximum surface area utilization. Lab tested on CSF’s in-house wind tunnel.
  • Rounded front face bar/plate design for optimized airflow through the core.
  • "Drop-in fit” design for an easy & quick plug-and-play installation. Complete with OEM style “Quick-Connect” inlet/outlet connections.
  • Fully reversible back to OEM spec with no modifications needed.
  • ~40 *F drop in temperatures when compared to the OEM intercooler after multiple repeated runs.
  • Power increase of 15-20 hp on stock cars, 25+ hp on modified vehicles.
  • Triple Pass Flow Design
  • Lifetime warranty.

This listing is for the Raw finish.

NEW V2 Model Available Now!
  • Upgraded inlet/outlet design with new tapered entry and exit points from end tanks, resulting in optimized water flow and increased performance (matches OEM spec)*
  • 8131 csf
  • After extensive wind-tunnel, dynamometer (rolling-road test), and field testing, CSF engineers have improved the core spec from Version 1’s 68mm 2-row core with 8mm fin height to Version 2’s ultra-efficient 42mm 2-row core, with CSF’s B-tube technology and 6.5mm multi-louvered fin height*
  • Increase of 15% more cooling tubes used in the core vs. V1 design for better surface area contact and heat dissipation
  • 8131 csffff
  • Results in optimized airflow through the heat exchanger core and into other cooling system components for maximum performance of the entire cooling system (especially critical if installed in an X-Drive model with transmission oil cooler placed in front of heat exchanger)
  • CSF V2 design: 2-row 42mm core vs. OEM design: 1-row 26mm core. ~62% increase in core fluid capacity
  • csf 8131 ic
  • Now includes hardware mounting kit* for applications that have a factory transmission oil cooler mounted in front of the heat exchanger (X-Drive models)
    (OEM #17118625431).

  • * World Exclusive

    CSF 8131 fitment 1
    CSF 8131 fitment 2
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